DMSO For Muscle Pain: Your Guide To Recovery And Fitness

Most muscle pain is caused by inflammation in the muscle, which can happen if you started working out for the first time or increased the intensity or length of your workouts.

Your doctor can help you know what type of medication to use for your muscle aches and pains. Something you can ask about if you haven’t been prescribed it is DMSO.

Keep reading to learn more about DMSO and how it can help you get relief from most types of muscle pain.

What Is DMSO?

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfide. It’s a solvent that has only been officially approved to be used to treat painful bladder syndrome. However, there have also been some studies that found it might work as an anti-inflammatory for joint conditions.

A common use of DMSO is as an additive to other topical anti-inflammatories. This is because it increases how much of these other compounds are absorbed by the skin. This can help improve the effectiveness of the other medications.

How To Use DMSO For Muscle Pain

Here are some tips when considering using DMSO for muscle pain. It’s essential to follow these to keep yourself safe and to ensure you get the relief you’re looking for.

1. Use It With Other Medications

As we mentioned before, DMSO is most effective when used in conjunction with other medications or supplements. For that reason, you’ll want to find other topical anti-inflammatories to use alongside DMSO or use a medication that already has DMSO mixed into it.

2. Wash Your Skin First

Because DMSO causes rapid absorption of everything on your skin, you want to make sure your skin is clean before you apply it. This will prevent anything on your skin you don’t want in your body from getting absorbed along with the medication.

3. Wear Gloves

To help avoid you getting medication where you don’t need it, it’s a good idea to wear gloves when applying it. If you forget, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you’re done applying it. Our Restore Roll-On doesn’t require gloves with or without the our mess free applicator because our medicinal additives, CBD and arnica combine with DSMO to create a natural pain reliever.

4. Avoid If Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

It’s not yet known whether or not DMSO can affect babies in the womb or if it can get into breastmilk. For that reason, it’s best to use non-DMSO medications if you are pregnant or breastfeeding just to be safe.

5. Talk To Your Doctor About Doses

If you’re getting DMSO as a solvent to use with other medications rather than getting something with it mixed in, you’ll want to talk to your doctor first to make sure you’re not taking too much of the other medication.

This is particularly important if you’re trying something for the first time since you don’t know how your body will react.

Where To Get Relief For Muscle Pain

Now you know what DMSO is and how it can help you get relief if you’re suffering from muscle pain. As you can see, it may have some anti-inflammatory effects but is primarily used so your body absorbs as much of the other medications as possible.

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