How Richie Jaynes Burst Onto The CBD Scene With Hemp Lyfe: The Nike Of CBD

Richie Jaynes is making a name for himself and his company, Hemp Lyfe, through innovation, hard work, and helping people live a vibrant lyfe. 

Richie Jaynes: Life Before Hemp

Richie Jaynes is no stranger to the business world. From experience in the wellness industry to real estate and athletic training facilities, Jaynes has made businesses work no matter the circumstances. At 23, Jaynes acquired one of Dallas’ top fitness centers and transformed it into a 12,000 square foot facility with over 3,000 members. In doing so, he discovered his love for helping people transform their lives for the better. At the age of 27, Jaynes became one of the top producers at a national athletic nutrition and supplement company while helping driving sales to just shy of a billion dollars.

After years of developing successful business ventures in real estate, oil and gas wells, and other investment projects, Jaynes is now returning to his entrepreneurial roots with his newest company, Hemp Lyfe. Taking advantage of the booming popularity and legality of CBD, Jaynes is creating innovative CBD-infused products to help transform the lives of his customers once again. By utilizing the highest quality ingredients and developing groundbreaking CBD products, Richie Jaynes has staked his claim at the forefront of the CBD industry.

Hemp Lyfe Goes Beyond Ordinary CBD

Hemp Lyfe is dedicated to creating high-quality products that help their consumers live a healthier, more vibrant life with CBD. Jaynes’ newest venture uses the purest ingredients and advanced technology for high potency, high bioavailability CBD products that are designed to help consumers feel good and live better. With the most innovative production systems, Hemp Lyfe offers consumers CBD in various forms including inhalers, oils, powders, edibles, and capsules. Hemp Lyfe is not just products–it is a lifestyle. 

Hemp Lyfe’s premier product, the Hemp Lyfe CBD inhaler, is a superior and discreet and much safer alternative to vapes containing full-spectrum CBD oil. Hemp Lyfe has this proprietary delivery system for three of their unique CBD lines, including Bliss, Restore, and Dream. This exclusive product offers the highest bioavailability on the market at 94%, to guarantee consumers get more bang for their buck when using Hemp Lyfe’s highly effective CBD products. At Hemp Lyfe, they truly believe in helping you live a vibrant lyfe. So what are you waiting for? Join the tribe.

The CBD Market Is Booming

With the CBD market projected to rake in billions of dollars in the next few years, more and more companies are taking advantage of this widespread trend and developing their own products with CBD. After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which confirmed the legality of hemp and cannabidiol (CBD), companies have been continually rolling out a stream of original products infused with CBD and shipping to consumers across the country. 

According to the FDA, legal CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is the element of the cannabis plant that produces the “head high” associated with marijuana. It’s unclear what the exact benefits of CBD are, though many consumers of the product claim to experience relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and more. The wide range of products allows customers of all ages to flock to reputable CBD companies to enjoy their favorite CBD-infused products. With Hemp Lyfe’s extensive selection of high-quality and extremely effective products, the hemp industry will need to keep its eyes on this up-and-coming CBD giant.

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