The Benefits Of The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe Affiliate Program

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a structured arrangement between a business and associated or “affiliated” online websites or members. Typically, affiliate programs give rewards, benefits, and payouts based on metrics such as the number of referred customers, sales from referred customers, or other measurable actions. Additionally, individuals can benefit from affiliate programs and function as a partner or referrer for the brand to receive incentivized rewards. 

What Is The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe?

The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe is an exclusive affiliate program designed to enhance the life of its members and those associated with the tribe. This group of empowered individuals is unified by a passion for a vibrant lifestyle, a desire to influence those around them, and an appreciation for high-quality, premium CBD products. The free-to-join Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe is made up of friends, families, businesses, marketers, and trendsetters who share similar ambitions, aspirations, and energy. 

How Does The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe Work?

By joining the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe, members become integral components of a social, economic, and lifestyle movement, and unlock an array of benefits and exclusive offers along the way. Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe members receive a personalized URL, which is a link specifically coded for each individual. Through active distribution and marketing of this customized Hemp Lyfe URL, members can expand their tribe, increase the number of referred clients and sales, and be rewarded for performance. These rewards compound, as Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe members are paid based on product and apparel sales through their personal URL, referred VIP members, and product and apparel sales from their referred members’ URLs.  

What Are The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe Benefits Like?

The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe benefits are among the top tier in affiliate programs worldwide. Tribe members can choose the type of rewards they prefer, whether in commissionable sale, Hemp Lyfe store credit, or other forms of payouts yet to come. The commissionable sale rewards provide the affiliate program members with a 15% payout for each sale they deliver and a 10% payout for second-tier commissions, which include any sale from tribe members they’ve referred. Payouts are made once per month, for the previous month, and must exceed a minimum of $100 balance. As the tribe grows, the commission will follow.  

What are you waiting on? Join the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe today!

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.