CBD Topical Roll-On with DMSO 3oz 1000mg

Hemp Lyfe Restore CBD Roll On is a proprietary formula containing full spectrum CBD, dimethyl sulfide (DMSO) and arnica to give you maximum results.

Hemp Lyfe Restore CBD  Roll On has a potent delivery system, DMSO which helps carry the CBD through the skin better than any regular topical. In addition we have added Arnica. Arnica is an all natural substance that is  used to help stimulate all ingredients in the product. Making this a much more effective product. 

No matter what your body may be dealing with. Restore roll on is your go to product to help restore your muscles and joints to feeling their best. 

No matter what level of fitness or athlete you are. Hemp Lyfe's Restore CBD roll on will help you recover in half the time. Whether you are in the gym, on the playing field or working in the yard or some household chore. When you apply Restore CBD Roll on to your sore muscle or joint. You can bet you will feel the difference immediately. 

  • 3 oz Roll-On
  • 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD


Massage RESTORE ROLLON anytime that you have ache muscles or joints. You can use RESTORE ROLLON as needed. 


How do I know if RESTORE ROLLON is right for me?

RESTORE ROLLON is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a plant-based roll on  to aid sore muscles or joints.

Can I use RESTORE ROLLON  if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! RESTORE ROLLON  is a great product for all skin types - including sensitive skin.

Are your products cruelty free and vegan?

Yes, all of our products are 100% cruelty free and vegan.